Big Law Partners

Prospective Clients

Are you looking for a world-class attorney with an affordable billing rate? If so, look no further.  Big Law Partners delivers what matters most to clients (i.e., expert lawyering), eliminates what doesn’t (e.g., trophy office space), and redefines traditional law firm practices that have long existed at the material expense of dismayed clients (e.g., billing by tenth of an hour or even quarter-hour increments, as opposed to by the minute). As a result, we are able to provide an incomparable value proposition that establishes a new paradigm in the delivery of high-end legal services…

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Prospective Attorneys

Do you have at least 5 years of law practice experience, including previous employment at an AmLaw 200 and/or Chambers and Partners rated law firm? If so, are you interested in a refreshing and liberating new life where you can work from home or anywhere else you please, limit your work hours, and earn “Big Law” comparable hourly pay? That’s right – no more big law firm stress induced by 50-80 hour work weeks or incessant pressure to bill, and additional time to become a more active mom or dad, enjoy some level of retirement, or explore another passion in life…

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